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About The Hose Mule Retrieval System

The Hose Mule® Fire Hose Retrieval System is a product of Baker Fabrication L.L.C., a family owned business, located in Lorena, Texas. We have been manufacturing hose retrieval systems since 2006. I am a career firefighter with the City of Temple Fire & Rescue. Driver Engine-3 and a former volunteer with the Lorena VFD for over 15 years. Being involved with both career and volunteer fire departments, I saw a need for a device to reload LDH and the Hose Mule was born. We now have a complete line hose retrieval systems from 2-1/2” hose to 12” hose for volunteer, municipal, military and industrial fire departments. These units are in service with fire departments across the globe.

In 2012 we were contacted by companies providing frac water transfer services to the oilfields. They were looking for a solution to pick up miles of 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” lay flat frac hose in rough terrain. We are proudly introducing our newest member to our line is the 12” 4-WD tractor mounted system. It is capable of retrieving ALL lay flat hose up to 12” and gives the customer an off-road option to retrieve lay flat hose. The customer can use trailers they already have or purchase new trailers. We also provide trailers tailored to the needs of the customer. Contact us today for all of your hose retrieval needs.

I guarantee that you will be pleased with our quality product.